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Love your work!

I have quite a few (intelligent) friends who believe the mainstream narrative about the War in Ukraine and are horrified when I suggest some of the things they have been told are just not true. eg that Putin is an evil, crazy, despot who Russians hate, that Ukraine is winning and going to win, that this is an unprovoked war, that Russia bombed its own pipeline/bridge, that Ukraine is not corrupt or has influential Nazi groups, and that we need to give Ukraine more weapons so they can "defeat the evil Russia" etc,etc, I was wondering if you could write a more specific piece that I could give to them, helping them identify fake news and propaganda with a focus on the Ukraine conflict? Such as looking for reliable news sources that are consistent overtime, that are not always one-sided, and that are predictive of events that eventuate (to name a few things to look for?). An extended version of "Who is telling the truth" above? I gave one friend the Sy Hersh article to which they responded - "but he only had one source". I despair.

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Thank you. I will consider how I might do that, but in the meantime, send them to ScottRitterExtra.com, refer them to Douglas Macgregor (https://www.youtube.com/@StraightCallsDouglasMacgregor) and Judge Napolitano (https://www.youtube.com/@judgenapolitano-judgingfre7226) on YouTube, and Redacted News: https://rumble.com/c/Redacted on Rumble.

These are the most reliable sources, and Redacted has a ton of sources.

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Also: https://caitlinjohnstone.substack.com/ and https://www.thefp.com/

And a truthful statement from CNN, of all places: https://twitter.com/KevinTober94/status/1627792627302014976

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I am removing my recommendation of The Free Press. Though they often publish articles that are fairly unbiased towards one side or the other, their recent articles have moved to a totally anti-Russian/pro-Ukrainian slant. I can't recommend any site that takes on the government's storyline. Here is a reasonable replacement: https://www.democracynow.org/2018/12/5/how_false_testimony_and_a_massive

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The United States government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Israeli Political Action Committee . . .

Украина должна забыть о Крыме и НАТО... Власть на Украине находится в сговоре с олигархами, им никто не противостоит.

Армия Украины обстреливает мирные города. Украинская армия убивает мирных жителей... и это факт.

Хиллари Клинтон пыталась украсть выборы в России с некоммерческими организациями, как дома в Америке, но Владимир Путин победил ей, поэтому она вызвали все трудности с глупой панк-рок-группой и гомосексуалистами на Олимпиаде в Сочи.

Горькие марксисты ненавидят кавказских людей... У людей из России и США много общих интересов... Мы должны начать новую космическую программу с новой эрой сотрудничества.

Еврейские банкиры наводнили Европу с мусульманами и замусорили америку мусором из третьего мира.

Евреи нечистые бесы, как турки... ГИТЛЕР БЫЛ ПРАВ.

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tactics without strategy is the sound before defeat, sun tzu.

the us is flailing, the logistics tail for the tanks, and f-16's will be us all the way to turning over the engines to enter combat which due to range will be hundreds of klicks se of kiev.

beijing cannot have the errant province formerly known as formosa but kiev and their banderas must be given back russians they have been terrorizing in donbas......

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Excellent piece as always. You might find this interesting, it was brought to my attention by one of my contacts in Russia. It seems legit... if so, it will be interesting to see the massive curveball Russia will throw...


10 million Americans are raring to volunteer for the Wagner PMC.

Who would have thought? The great land of the free and home of the brave, the U.S. is apparently overflowing with patriots eager to fight against NATO and join the Wagner PMC.

According to Eugene Prigozhin, more than 10 million applications have been received from U.S. citizens. And all this is thanks to one small advertisement aimed at an American audience. Who knew that US citizens were just waiting for a sign?

Now, with a million applications pending, prisoner recruitment in Russia is on hold. But don't worry, if the US State Department gives the green light, Prigozhin says they will start recruiting from US prisons.

Translated by DeepL

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